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Beauty and Beast Art

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Elizabeth Collins and Chuck Hanes of Beauty and Beast Art, long-time residents of Morgan County, have been full time studio potters for over 14 years. They not only make functional pottery such as dishes, face jugs, and baking wares but create complex original sculptural artwork using clay and many natural elements.

Chuck and Elizabeth started Chicken Tracks Art Ranch in 2015, premiering the annual CTAR Festival the third weekend in November. They offer after school art academy during the school year as well as summer art camps for kids. Adult classes and family workshops are offered year round.

Both have been very involved in the Madison Artists Guild, Elizabeth being the director and Chuck managing the MAGallery in downtown Madison for 5 years. They also teach art weekly to students in the Morgan County Alternative Education Program through the Steffen Thomas Museum. They find inspiration especially in nature and enjoy sharing the process of creating with others.

“We challenge each other to move forward and expand our outlook, bouncing new ideas off each other regularly. We find joy in our creations and hope you do too!”

Chuck and Elizabeth Hanes of Beauty and Beast Art and Chicken Tracks Art Ranch

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